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Written RX Responsibility

We sincerely appreciate your business and always wish to provide you with the best possible pet care.  When it comes to your pet’s medications, flea/tick, and heartworm preventions, you have many purchasing choices.  We offer our own trusted online pharmacy, and we are more than happy to set up your pet’s prescriptions for you for home delivery at a substantial time and monetary savings to you.

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If you choose not to use our online pharmacy, our veterinarians can give you a written prescription for you to send or mail to another online pharmacy of your choice.  Because our doctors are focused on patient care, and we wish to keep our services as affordable as possible, we do not work directly with other online pharmacies including reviewing records, calling, emailing, or faxing in prescriptions to them.   These duties take precious time away from our doctors and staff—time they could be spending more effectively to better serve you and your pets.

You acknowledge that you understand that if we provide you with a written prescription, it is your responsibility to mail the original script to the online pharmacy of your choice.

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