Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs & Cats

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs & Cats


Stem cell therapy is something that has been used in human medicine for some time and is becoming increasingly well-known. However, what many people don’t realize is that stem cell therapy can also be successfully used for the treatment of a variety of different problems in our pets too. As such, an increasing number of vets are now beginning to offer stem cell therapy to the animals that are in their care. To help you understand more about this cutting-edge treatment, here’s what you need to know about stem cell therapy and the benefits it has for dogs and cats.


What are Stem Cells and What do they do?


Stem cells are often considered the most extraordinary type of cell within the body. This is because no other cell type within the human or animal body has the same core ability that they do – to generate not only themselves but also other cell types.


Stem cells are the base cells from which all of the other cells with specialized functions within the body are generated. Veterinary specialists are able to take stem cells from your pet’s body and prompt them to divide to create a larger number of cells. From this point, several things can happen. These newly-created cells can remain stem cells, or they can transform into cells that have a specific function – such as bone cells, blood cells or even brain cells.   


Stem cells are remarkably versatile. Not only can they turn into specialized cells, but they can also be successfully deployed to repair, maintain or enhance tissues found within your pet’s body. This enables them to treat the root cause of a disease or condition that may be causing your animal to experience pain and inflammation. In veterinary medicine, this is the predominant use of stem cell therapy.


Key Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy


Stem cell therapy has a number of potential benefits for your pet. These include the following:


In most instances, stem cell therapy can be carried out in a single appointment.

  • Stem cell therapy can be used to treat both new injuries, and those which may have happened some time ago but have not healed.

  • Recovery/downtime after stem cell therapy is very short and your pet will be able to come home the same day.

  • Then chance for your pet to enjoy a better quality of life by reducing their pain and increasing their mobility through controlling inflammation.

  • Stem cell therapy can reduce the amount of medication needed to control your pet’s discomfort, and this can also reduce your day-to-day costs associated with keeping your furbaby comfortable.

  • -Stem cell therapy is covered by most insurance premiums (check with your individual provider).


Issues that Stem Cell Therapy can Help to Treat


Stem cell therapy for pets has been found to be a potential treatment for a variety of diseases that can cause unpleasant symptoms for your furbaby to experience. The most common uses of stem cells in veterinary medicine include:

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Injuries to bones including fractures

  • Tendon and ligament injuries

  •  Joint injuries and conditions such as hip dysplasia

  • Problems with the spinal cord

Some research has also indicated that stem cells might be useful in treating dry eyes in dogs, and stomatitis in cats. Research into the benefits of stem cell therapy has continued and further uses for it continue to be discovered.




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