Benefits of Professional Pet Boarding

Benefits of Professional Pet Boarding

Are you planning a vacation, but unsure about how you could take care of your pet while you are away? Whether you are leaving your four-legged best friend for work or a business trip, choosing a place for your pet to stay can be tricky. Sure, you can probably ask your neighbor to stop by your house to check on your furry friend now and then. You can also go online to see if there are pet sitters nearby who can offer their services while you are gone. However, it can be tough to determine which option is the best and safest especially if your pet has medical issues that require special attention. To help you find the right solution, here are some benefits of professional pet boarding at our facility that you should consider:


  1. Close Supervision. One of the most significant advantages of placing your pet in our professional boarding facility is the guarantee that they will be supervised at all times. You will not have to worry that your pet will be let loose to fend for itself as the trained staff will keep an eye on them round the clock. Besides, the place will have proper fencing to keep your pet safe. You can also ensure medicinal care at this facility as the staff is trained to administer drugs should your dog or cat need prescriptions. Lastly, your pet can enjoy nutritious food in the center. They will even work with you if your furry friend is on a special diet. All of these are better than leaving your dog or cat alone at home.

  • Adequate Exercise. Another benefit of professional pet boarding is that your pet will have a lot of opportunities to play and stay active. Instead of leaving your dog or cat locked inside your house, you can let your pet explore designated areas and enjoy different physical activities. Our well-run boarding facility will offer exercise time to keep your pet from feeling bored or lonely. Our experienced staff walks/exercises all our boarding dogs three times daily at a minimum. In addition, we offer individual playtimes for pets at an extra nominal charge.

  • Interaction and Companionship. As you may already know, socialization is a crucial aspect of your pet’s education. Your dog should have been introduced to as many dogs and other animals at an early age. This way, you can prevent negative behaviors from developing. You don’t want it to be aggressive toward other pets. If you don’t have adequate time to socialize your dog, a boarding facility could be an excellent alternative. Here, your four-legged best friend will have the chance to interact with other dogs and even play together. Socializing your pet will keep it gentle and friendly.

  • Experience With Pets Who Suffer From Medical Issues. We will give your pet the special care they need. Medications and other therapeutics are administrated during their stay by veterinary professionals. You can rest assured that veterinary assistance is available as needed when boarding with us.


Choosing a professional pet boarding facility for your dog or cat means that it will receive adequate care. In your absence, you can guarantee that your pet will be under close supervision and receive lots of love and attention. Keep your pooch safe today at Central Animal Hospital. Not only do we offer a wide range of veterinary services but we also provide boarding facilities with a vet on-hand if the need arises. Call our clinics today in St. Petersburg, Florida, for more information at (727) 521-3518 or (727) 906-9400.

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